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Friday Whimsy

Whimsical Fridays
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Welcome to the Friday Whimsy community. It started out as an idea on my own LJ <"lj user="jackiesjottings"> where I would post some of my decidedly whimsical art on a Friday. Several of my friends decided to do the same so I decided to create this community. You can post anything whimisical, your own art, pictures you like, things you have made, photos of pretty whimsical things. It will be a friendly feell good community so any nastiness is not allowed and anyone who is nasty will be banned. Lets spread some whimsy in the world on Fridays, ready for the weekend for those who have the weekend off, and to commiserate with those who have to work over the weekend.

Your community mods is jackiesjottings . I am usually around to keep an eye on things. But if there are any problems such as inappropriate content, spam, flame wars, or nastiness in comments which we don't pick up on quickly, please let me know straight away. Thank you